Instagram is the most popular mobile social network and most popular photo-sharing community. Many popular brands use this network to establish their business. But those who are new to this world still ask the question “How can I get More Instagram likes on my photos”. If you are such kind of person then; here is the few marketing strategies and best practices for you to get more Instagram likes.

1. Upload only the Best Photos:

One of the secret tips of getting more likes on your Instagram photos is that come up with creative ideas. Don’t publish every photo, only upload the best one with some moderation. If you publish all the best photos in one burst, then some of your followers will miss them. So, try to upload the best photos frequently. We recommend you to post 3-4 best photos per day. Also, announce your presence on Instagram to the existing followers/fans in other networks.

Just explain about the Instagram (since many of the people may be new to it) to your existing audiences, and ask them to follow your account and likes your photos on Instagram.

2. Have a Content Plan:

Assign some experienced people to manage your Instagram account otherwise, it will hurt you adversely. Hire the people who have a good experience in community management and good taste in selecting photography. Ask them to create a spreadsheet for your content plan so then, your Instagram feed will be consistent.

3. Include the Relevant Hashtags:

Once you joined in the Instagram, search for the hashtags that related to your brand, product or services. It helps you to engage with your customers. Try to balance the content and the number of audiences. It will help you to achieve your goals. Further, it helps to increase the number of mentions you get organically on the platform.

4. Cross promotion:

By sharing your content on other platforms you will definitely get more Instagram followers. Moreover, you can improve engagement with your existing Instagram followers. Run a contest and cross-promoting your contest with other social media networks. It will remind your followers that you are on Instagram.

5. Use third-party websites:

The Instagram platform is great for sharing photos but it is not ideal to increase the number of likes and followers. Due to that, you need to get help from other websites. They help you to manage your account, track your numbers, likes, comments, and followers.


If your products or brand sees value on Instagram; don’t just end up by posting the picture. Try to always interact with your followers and engage with them much as you would do on other popular networking sites. Hope all the aforementioned tips help you to improve your practices and performances on Instagram.

Now, you realize the importance of having more number of likes and followers. Getting new followers by own will take more time. During such situations, it is advisable to buy Instagram likes and real followers for your account.

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