Air Coolers will be a thrill in the Indian region, once the summers kick in. As a great alternative to air conditioners, coolers in India are priced reasonably. Most coolers come with lots of energy efficiency technologies, which utilize power like ceiling fans. For the approaching hottest summers, you should be all set up with a good cooler in your home. For that, which cooler to choose and why? This can be confusing for you to decide. And to ease up your solution, we have provided here the top 12 best air coolers in India. And if you feel coolers can beat your heat then go for Best air conditioners in India.

What to look for Air coolers in India? 

When buying Air coolers, keep in mind that your cooler should be able to provide long-range cooling, for a sufficient time and not run out after a year. To be simple, here are a few points to look for,

  • Big water capacity
  • Low watt usage for efficiency. 
  • Compact size and body design
  • Ease of portability and movement. 
  • Wood wool evaporators.
  • Vent system for all-around cooling. 
  • Low cooler price. 

1. Symphony Hicool Air Cooler.

Hi, Cool Air cooler is the best air cooler in India for single living people, as it can be your best companion. With exceptional cooling power, you won’t need another one for years. 

Key specifications: 

  • Ultimate comfort for single people.
  • Differentiated cooling irrespective of the environment.
  • Fit for 175ft range rooms. 
  • Fully controllable via remote
  • Auto Alert via alarm when the tank is empty. 

2. Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto+ CO-110 Air cooler.

The best air cooler in India, Whiteline Atlanto is your ideal companion for strong summers, when air conditioners don’t feel enough for the hot environment. It even comes with a huge tank with silent cooling. 

Key specifications: 

  • Very Low noise fans for silent cooling
  • 3-speed adjustable fans. 
  • Huge 45L capacity tank which runs for days. 
  • Power-efficient.
  • Integrated Air deflector for better moisture circulation. 

3. Hindware SNOWCREST 85-H Desert Air cooler.

Sleek design and quick performance! If that’s your product satisfaction code, then Hindware Snowcrest will never disappoint you. Ever!

Key specifications: 

  • Intense Airflow power for great cooling. 
  • High performance and silent Penta-blade Fan. 
  • Massive size with a bigger built-in Water tank. 
  • Great portability with clamping wheels for unmatched portability. 
  • It comes with an ice compartment too. 

4. Crompton Optimus 65-Litre Desert Air cooler.

As the name suggests, this is your ideal desert grade hot summer air cooler. Be it for humid, extreme or slick hot, Crompton Optimus knows its job. You can also buy this air cooler online. 

Key specifications: 

  • Adjustable low-speed cooling for power efficiency. 
  • Highly carry-able lightweight and portable. 
  • Premium build quality. 
  • Ideal for big families and wide rooms. 
  • One-click water drainable switch. 

5. Symphony Ice Cube 27 Litre Air Cooler. 

Another personal AC cooler for a single person, Symphony brings in another compact and performance-tuned cooler for you to fight the summers with ease. 

Key specifications: 

  • Better capacity for water storage, thus more cooling. 
  • Much more compact than a majority of coolers
  • It comes with i-Pure Technology with Penta-filters.
  • Highly value for money. 
  • Dual inlets for ice, water. 

6. Orient Electric SmartCool-DX CP1601H

One of the best small cooler to cast in your home, Orient makes sure you stay cool no matter where you are. Even spend less time servicing and more time enjoying the coolness.  

Key specifications: 

  • Huge 16L tank capacity for longer cooling
  • Just 140W of power consumption
  • Completely shockproof with high-quality plastic.
  • Perfect for smaller rooms and halls.
  • Lightweight and well portable.

7. Bajaj Platini PX97. 

Want longer cooling? Bajaj Platini PX97 is your deal to grab for hours of cool breezes in your home. Defy hotness this summer and make sure you enjoy it. 

Key specifications: 

  • Highly energy efficient with silent fans. 
  • Huge 36L water tank capacity for unparalleled cooling. 
  • Perfect for any size of halls and rooms. 
  • Quick cooling technology with wide-angle breeze panes. 
  • Compact to fit in any corner. 

8. Kenstar Double Cool DX 50-Litre Air cooler.

When the price meets performance with durability and performance, all you need is a Kenstar product. For cooling, the Cool DX-50L is nothing but the best cooler in India. 

Key specifications: 

  • 4-way directed air delivery for max cooling
  • Built-in Next-generation evaporative pads
  • Massive 50L water tank capacity. 
  • Great for wide rooms. 
  • Energy star with rated efficiency. 

9. Castor Air Cooler.

Castor Air Cooler is a budget star while retaining the craziness of efficient cooling. If your budget is low, but want a bit technical, Castor Air Cooler is your boy. 

Key specifications: 

  • Tri-speed Fan Control function to manage to cool
  • Inverter compatible. 
  • Portability and compactness with great management.
  • Auto protection from Dust and other pollutants. 
  • Huge 22L water tank capacity. 

10. Symphony diet 35T

Another bigger air cooler for a reasonable price, Symphony brings in the Diet 35T for you ease up performance. Bigger hall? All-day use? No problem for the Diet 35T. 

Key specifications: 

  • Comes with 35L water tank for overnight cooling
  • Symphony’s usual Penta-Stage filtration system.
  • Water level indicator with an Alarm. 
  • Best for big halls and rooms with windows. 
  • Premium build quality with great portability. 

11. Crompton Desert Air Cooler (75-Litre)

Want an ultimate cooler? The Crompton Desert Air cooler can cool down deserts, with its massive water tank, while retaining compactness. 

Key specifications: 

  • Incredible 75L water tank with cooling for days. 
  • Great Fiber body design. 
  • Well portable with ease of movement. 
  • Silent cooling at slow speeds.
  • Perfect and applicable for any size of the home. 

12. Kenstar Cyclone-12. 

The best air cooler manufacturer in India, Kenstar’s cyclone-12 is a next-generation looking air cooler. Small or big home, more or less space. Aside, Kenstar air cooler models and prices are much more affordable in India. 

Key specifications: 

  • Complete for single people in a room
  • 4 direction cooling. 
  • Huge 50L water tank for the unparalleled cooling experience. 
  • Wood wool designed for better and efficient cooling
  • User water can be removed via a built-in drain plug. 

You should choose coolers on your performance requirements. Well, these are the 12 best air coolers in India for you to choose and buy. 

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