This era is the era of digitalization, the internet comes up as a revolution in the whole economy. The Internet has changed our way of working; not only working, the internet is also being used in our personal life. There are so many applications of the internet which proves that it is a revolution for us. In this era, no one can imagine their life without the use of the internet. The technological sector is at its peak and already coming up with so many new advanced technologies. Online learning is a new way of learning. The role of education is in every sector either it is a business, education, or the other professions. 

In this modern world, there is a need for the adoption of the constant change in the economy. The skills or the talent that you have now will become obsolete tomorrow. Getting yourself updated is the need of the hour. Many organizations are conducting online training and learning programs for their employees to make them stay updated. There are many online courses available that minimize the various costs of organizing them physically. From arranging teachers to arranging their certification, there is a long process involved in this. But Mettl provides the online certification system to solve all your problems. 

It is one step solution for many certification programs. Whether you want a software certification or a test preparation program certification, Mettl is the best destination for you. Whenever the trend changes, the organizations have to go with a trend. The trend for online programs has increased the need for online certification too. Mettl provides certifications for almost every level from low to high-level certifications. It is known as the most secure system for providing online certification. It will help you to manage your large-scale data relating to the various candidates. It serves you for the different needs in different field like:

  • Software certifications: You can use Mettl for any kind of software certification. It helps in catering to the diverse needs of its clients and also provides them a one-stop solution for their all needs. 
  • Industry certifications: It not only serves software certification but also is useful in providing industry certifications. In industry, you have to certify so many people including managers, employees, workers, etc. there are so many training programs that are to be conducted in an industry. For all the required certifications in an industry, Mettl will be the right platform for you. 
  • Educational assessments: The concept of technology is not only used in the business sector but also in the education sector. The role of education is very important in our lives. The technology shifts the whole system of education and transforms the education system. E-learning is in great demand; the internet is also offering many online certification courses for the diverse needs of the students. Any kind of educational assessment certification can be done by Mettl. It uses the easy to use interface which makes it understandable for its users. 

Four simple steps are used to conduct the certification program by Mettl. These steps are discussed as follows:

  • Create: The first step in this certification program is to create. You can create a variety of questions from multiple choice questions to the case studies. Use software simulators and you can also set the grading system for the different sections. You are allowed to use different media like pictures or videos etc in your questions. You can set the time limits to attempt questions, their cut-offs, etc. this is the first step in which you can set up your question design for the candidates. 
  • Deliver: The second step of this process is to deliver. You can offer various discounts for marketing campaigns and initiate the payments. The payment can be made through different digital payment options available. White labelling is used to make the candidate stick to your brand throughout. By this, you can provide a great user experience to the various users.  
  • Monitor: This is the most important step of any certification system. Under the monitoring section, different options are available to you to monitor the candidates. You can use video reviewing live in which you can monitor your candidate. You can authorize them and control them by providing them an option to start, pause, or resume the test. It involves the behavior review of the candidates. Sometimes the candidate uses different actions or the signals to another person for any kind of help or cheating. But Mettl provides you an auto behavior alerts in which you will get an alert based on the candidate’s behavior, action, or from its audio processing. The whole session can be recorded at your convenience. You are allowed to record and then after reviewing the whole session with the facility of both audio and video of the session. These are considered as the best features which are being offered by the Mettl in the certification software. With the help of all these, you can experience a secure and trusted process. 
  • Certify: Here is the last step of this process that is the distribution of certificates and its management. Here you can design your customizable certificates on the basis of customized data and the QR codes. You can also verify your certificates through codes or any other URL. You can decide pre-performance criteria and then can provide the certificates accordingly. Reporting of results is the major part of this process. You can generate candidates’ reports relating to their performance and analysis of their questions. Not only the candidate reports but a combined group report with the scores can also be generated. You can provide the question or skill or candidate their group level insights which will be based on their analytics. 

So now generate and award the certificates in a real-time by this easiest process. Mettl offers you flexible and powerful technology, which is easy to use and also offers other support options through emails, chat, or through phone, etc.