Air conditioners and Coolers are only saviors during the summer season. Indeed long and hot as hell, air coolers and conditioners make life better here. Most people don’t get to afford to buy one for themselves. But if you do, you would want to get your hands on the best air conditioner available in India. Buying AC of an average brand will cost you both money and maintenance charges to outmost. It does not matter whether you choose a split unit or a standalone one. Well, to help you, we have here the 10 best air conditioners in India. And if you are not interested in Air conditioners then you can also go for best air coolers in India.

1. LG 1.5 Ton5 star Split AC copper. 

Life’s good and without LG’s 1.5 ton split AC your home sweet home is not yet complete. With 5 energy star rating, this should be your ideal pick for complete home cooling. If you would want a reliable Split AC 1.5 ton, then LG’s 1.5 Ton Split AC is the most Acclaimed AC. 


  • Copper body with a protective coating layer. 
  • It comes with powerful Himalayan Cooling technology with the instant cooling process. 
  • Works as a side by side Air purifier
  • Premium looks and feels with a good price. 

2. Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC. 

Most ACs comes with 5 stars, but Carrier 1.5 Ton Split AC is the ultimate deal for your cooling system. The market price is a bit higher, but you get what you pay for. Carrier ACs are one of the best in Indian Market with no compromises at all. 


  • Top grade performance and cooling levels. 
  • Incredible power efficiency thus lowers electricity bills. 
  • No stabilizer need for safe operation with up to 280V AC range. 
  • Fast cooling within minutes. 

3. Daikin 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC Copper. 

Daikin products are top class in the Indian market and so their ACs. With the best of the price Split Copper Air conditioners, your choice is optimal with Daikin AC. Aside, it is one of the best AC in India.  


  • Incredible build quality with simple looks, yet premium
  • Intense efficient with Power Chill Operation with the Coanda AirFlow technique.
  • Even Distributed Airflow right from the Vents all-around your hall and rooms. 
  • It comes with Sleep mode, Auto restart and Econo modes for better control. 

4. AmazonBasics 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC copper. 

Amazon provides the top class of the ACs, even in its product range. Well, the AmazonBasics 1.5 Ton Split AC is developed for making your Home happy and cool, with fewer pollutants. 


  • Intelligent Auto adjustment sense for energy efficiency and optimal cooling without going over the top. 
  • Incredible small and premium hidden display for controls. 
  • Four Stage filtration technology for keeping your hall pure and pollutant-free. 
  • Cheapest 5 Star AC in India. 

5. Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC. 

Making home appliances and ACs for over decades, this Split AC from Whirlpool is the best for your beautiful and smart home. It comes with interactive control and feels, both with energy savings and better cooling. Want the Best split AC in India? This is your pick. 


  • The inverter inside with copper condensers.
  • Efficient towards your electricity budget. 
  • Auto adjustment of cooling with built-in Sixth sense intense cool environment. 
  • Low noise performance with extreme cooling features. 

6. Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC. 

Happiness comes with a better technology on your palm and Hitachi is just the right AC vendor for you. With a very wider Area deception over 150 feet, cooling now even goes wider and farther. 


  • One of the most Premium 5 Star rated Split AC. 
  • The silent operation even when extreme cooling. 
  • Easiest installations with the controlled operation. 
  • Fast cooling even in wider halls. 

7. Blue Star 4.75 Star BI-5CNHW18PAFU Split AC 1.5 Ton AC. 

The best AC in the world as once reputed by customers, Blue Star ACs are incredible in the Indian market. Both by price and performance, it is the most economical Split AC and a better alternative for other Japanese models. For getting the Best Air Conditioner in India, no AC is better than this. 


  • Auto Sleep mode with wake up.
  • Dual packed built in the rotor for faster and efficient cooling. 
  • Air purifier enabled by default.
  • Temperature sensor for energy-efficient cooling.

8. LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC. 

LG is another option for economical Split ACs and rough use is your pick for the rest of your life. Tropical and highly hot summers are prominent in India and this is where this 3 star Split LG AC comes to best use. Not so good hall? Homeland in an industrial area? Let it take care of all of that.


  • Optimal for rough use and extreme performance
  • Economical and low-cost maintenance
  • Comes with Himalayan cool technology for instant cooling
  • Durable with Ocean Black anti-corrosion protection all over. 

9. Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (RSD31). 

Don’t just ignore due to the 3 Star rating, Hitachi supplies the same type of technology on all of its Split ACs. With its wide vent cooling technique, you don’t need more than one ACs for wider and bigger halls. Hitachi’s RSD31 is a one-man army for any hall. 


  • Full Copper Condenser for best cooling and performance
  • Automatic Shut-down feature for periodic power-offs. 
  • Incredible air filtration technology.
  • Controllable compressor speed for energy efficiency. 

10. Samsung 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC. 

Samsung might just be the best AC brand in India for your ACs choices with its 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC at an economical price. One of the best companies in the world and India, its Air conditioners are filled with technology and eco modes for best electricity savings. 


  • New generation Metallic alloy coils for energy-efficient cooling.
  • Over 10 years of Warranty for the compressor. 
  • Comes with an intense Ultra-fast cooling mode for quicker room cool down.
  • Built-in self-checking mechanism for hassle-free operation. 

These are the 10 Best Air conditioners in India that you can buy at good prices. 

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